Is the Ketubah ready for display‭?‬

Your ketubah will packed with a strong board in the back and matted‭. ‬To display your ketubah simply open up the package and place the board on an easel‭. ‬Your ketubah arrives pre-matted for display‭. ‬ 

It will look good in the display matting‭, ‬but you might want to consider taking your ketubah to a custom framing shop before the‭ ‬wedding so they can place it inside a frame‭. ‬You will pick your frame‭, ‬which your framer will temporarily cover with plexiglass‭ ‬to make sure nothing happens to the ketubah during the wedding‭. ‬After the wedding‭, ‬you can take it back to the framing shop to‭ ‬be sealed‭.‬

How long in advance should I order my Ketubah‭?‬

Don’t wait for the last minute‭! ‬You should plan to order your ketubah at least two/three months in advance‭. ‬

We will need to gather information and communicate back and forth with your rabbi until the text is approved‭. ‬

An average of time for this process can take up to four weeks‭.‬

Custom and personalized orders

Yes I do‭! ‬

Ketubah’s‭- ‬We offer different‭, ‬beautifully worded texts‭ – ‬Orthodox‭, ‬Conservative‭, ‬Reform‭, ‬Interfaith‭, ‬Secular Humanistic and Secular Non-Religious‭. ‬

If you have your own text you want to use that’s also great just make sure to send it in a word document to my email nyattias@gmail.com I can’t work with a pdf or jpg‭. ‬document‭.‬

All other paper cuts‭- ‬I could personalize any paper cut by adding names‭, ‬dates‭ , ‬colors‭. ‬just let me know via convo‭.‬

Some of the personalization has an extra fee‭…‬

Challah boards‭: ‬Could I really cut on the Challah cutting board

SURE‭!! ‬The paper cut is inserted between two Tempered glasses that prevent scratching and are stronger than a regular glass‭.‬

Are the Challah boards washable‭?‬

NO‭!! ‬you CAN’T wash the board‭. ‬it could be cleaned very easily with windex and a paper tow!l and looks brand new the board is seald with silicone on the sides but not around the stands


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